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A Small World-Cypress TX Family Photographer- Amanda Lynn Photography

This session started out like all of the others.  Laura (mom) contacted me for a family session, we went through all of the steps, then secured a date and time.  I greeted them in the parking lot to only find out that her daughter was in my daughters class (Pre K-3)!!  OK, I know, big deal right?  Well for me it was!!  My son started Kindergarten this year and my daughter has had to go though some big time adjusting to a world without him.  She’s always been the BIG personality.  She is the goofy one who always wants to make you laugh, she’s sensitive when her feelings get hurt, but she is FIERCE when she needs to stand up for her or anyone whom she cares for.  I only found out how shy she was, when her big brother went to school.  She’s NEVER had to really meet friends on her own!  Most of her close friends are the siblings of her big brother.  Avery (my daughter) has talked about her sweet friend since they started school.  It was so nice to finally put a face to the name!  She stepped out of the truck with just as much spunk and personality as Avery!  I had such a great time getting to know them.  But in all reality, it is one of those times when you just feel like you’ve already known them for years!!

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