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In home tree sessions have my heart…Cypress Family Photographer

MERRY CHRISTMAS everyone!!  I hope Santa was good to y’all and you are enjoying that special time with family.  I thought it would be the perfect day to share all of these sessions with all of you.  3 years ago I started taking PJ pictures of my kids in front of our Christmas Tree.  Since then I have made it a yearly tradition.  It’s crazy how fast kids change and grow!  I don’t know about you, but I want to remember all of the moments.  All of the details that are soon going to change.  I want pictures of little toes, those bellies that stick out, chubby little fingers, pigtails, missing baby teeth, I want it all!

2016 – My husband thought I was out of my mind when I asked him to move all the furniture out of the way to give these a try.  Because he is the amazing man he is, he did, and helped get the kids changed.  My daughter had just turned two, and my son was almost 4.  They absolulty loved looking at all the ornaments.

2017 – This year I bought pj’s from Burts Bee Baby, I found awesome quality wrapping paper from Hobby Lobby to coordinate, and even had some new techniques to test out.  I wasn’t quite ready to offer these out to clients as I wanted to make sure I could perfect these in my home first.  Just look at how much they changed!

2018 – I started thinking about these sessions back in September.  I was on a hunt for some new pj’s for the kids.  I was able to find them here.  Actually I let my son pick them out.  They are both in that age where they definitely have an opinion about what they are wearing, this got them excited again for these pictures.  By now they have the routine down pat.  We even tried included our pup.  Let’s just say he was NOT impressed. I promised the kids hot chocolate after our session, so of course i couldn’t put down my camera for that.

I decided this year to open up these sessions to my VIP group.  How do you get into this VIP group you might ask?  If you book a full family session with me, you are then able to join.  If you are reading this, have had a session with me, and are NOT in this group, click here to join.  To be honest, I was SO nervous!  I tried to prepare everyone as much as I could but still, I was walking into a house of unknown.  Every tree is different lighting, every house in set up different, and for this planner, that was nerve racking for me!


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