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Locations That Make Your Heart Sing – Cypress, TX Family Photographer

From the moment you book your photo sessions with me, we get right to work choosing the perfect location. Why not choose a place that makes your heart sing? That place that calms you, or makes you jump up for joy, or even just somewhere you spend so much of your time.

This mama chose a local greenhouse and it was PERFECT!

Greenhouse Photo Session

3 Tips in Choosing your Outfits

I know, this part can feel very overwhelming. I promise I will be with you every step of the way. As soon as we choose our location, I will give you ideas of a color palette, and I’ll send you a private link to start visualizing for yourself.

  1. Start with mama first! You want to feel comfortable and beautiful in whatever you decide to wear. If not, it WILL show in your photos.
  2. Decide if these photos are going to be printed in a book for the coffee table or to hang on your walls. If they will be hung on your walls, you want to choose colors that will go with your current décor.
  3. Look at the color wheel. Colors that are opposite each other tend to compliment each other very well. In this case we chose Greens, Rust Orange, browns and Ivory’s.
Spring Family Photo Session
Cypress, TX Family Photographer
Houston, TX Family Photographer
Cypress Family Photographer

If you’re ready to book your Spring Family Photo Session, let’s CHAT! I would love to capture you and your beautiful family.

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