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Now is the time – Cypress, TX Family Photography

“Your family is your tribe, your wolf pack. You’re born into this unit and to this unit you are tied. Family is everything. A safe shelter. A safe refuge. The pillars and foundations. The building blocks. The formative shield. Love them with all you got because without family, you got nothing!” – The Flower child

When is the last time you had family photos done? Do you refresh them yearly, or maybe every couple of years? Are you guilty for NOT ever having family photos taken? Whatever it is, NOW is the time. Before you know it, in the blink of an eye, your babies will be grown. NOW is the time to capture those moments. NOW is the time to get IN those photos with your tribe.

What to Wear for your Fall Family Session

From the time you first contact me to our last email when I send you your photos, my goal is to make it as stress free as possible. What to wear always seems to be a big worry for families. I don’t have a client closet mainly because I want you to be you! I don’t want all of my family sessions to look exactly the same, because no family is the same. You each have your own personality and style and I want that to shine through your photos. I do have a What to Wear for Fall Pinterest board to give you some ideas, but I will also send you a private styling link for browsing your own style! I always tell my clients to look at their home. When you print your photos, it should compliment the colors in your home décor.

Choosing a Location

Whether you want a grassy field or the downtown city skyline, we will work together to choose the perfect location for you. While I spend many days driving around looking for new spots, remember, your family photos are about your family! They are about the love and laughter you have together. Even if you have your family photos at the same location year after year, they will always be different. Your family will always grow and change and that’s what we will capture!

Print your pictures

You’ve invested in a family photo session, now it’s time to invest in some prints! I have that covered, and will be there to help with designing a photo book or helping you with a gallery wall. There is nothing better than your kids walking by your family photos everyday and stopping to take a look. Life can get crazy sometimes, but it will always be a reminder that you are a unit!

Are you ready to chat?

I’m all ears and would love to chat about booking YOUR family photo session. Click HERE to contact me.

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