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Boys will be Boys…Cypress, TX Child Photographer Amanda Lynn Photography

Y’all, THESE boys stole my heart!

This was the youngest’s first birthday session that we also included his brother.  I’m SO glad we did.  I absolutely love to capture kids how they are in that very moment. It is absolulty amazing to see everyday magic come alive through their eyes.  For me, it sure makes a person slow down from all the craziness of life and really, and I mean REEEAAAALLLLYYYY  see just how lucky we are.

During their session, we looked for fish, chased squirrels and ate gummy worms.  I mean, come on, how fun is that?! These boys were SO comfortable and natural in front of the camera, and it shows!  It was like I was a fly on the wall, capturing all of their sweet, fun, playful personalities.  I’m sure being a mom of only boys has it’s challenges and can probably be pretty crazy at times. But the LOVE that these 3 had for each other shined right through.  They were all smiles no matter what we were doing.

The Outfits

With boys, there is nothing cuter than jeans and suspenders.  Little extras like hats, scarves or suspenders with ANYONE’S outfit add so much diversity and personality.  If you have these things hanging around home, bring them!  They are so easy to put on or take off that it just adds so much to your gallery.

The Location

This is probably one of my favorite locations to bring kids.  There are so many places to explore, that really make the session fun.  This is a true goal of mine for every session I do.  I think I hear from every parent, that their kids will not sit still for more than 30 minutes.  I hear you!  I don’t want to sit still for that long, haha.  My sessions are all about exploring, having fun and catching those REAL belly laughs, kisses, hugs, sublet looks on camera.

Gummy Worms

I will always ask for parents permission if I want to include a fun treat.  This was at the end of our session, and for me it turned out to be magic!  We could have done this whole session on the rocks with gummy worms and it would have been just as amazing.




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