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What to Wear for Fall Family Photos??? Houston, TX Family Photographer – Amanda Lynn Photography

Do you have a photo session coming up this fall??  If so, I promise, you’ll want to keep reading.

After booking your family session, the first thing that is probably running through your mind is “What should we all wear?” This is then followed by a Google or Pinterest search, followed by an inventory run down of what you already have, what fits and what goes together, and lastly ending with a trip to the mall or some online shopping.  I mean really, who actually has time to go to the mall anymore?!  Hahaha,  I wish I did.  I get it. I have my own family session this year, so I’m doing the same scramble too.  I really want to make this as easy and stress free for you as possible, without breaking the bank.

Some things to consider 1. Your family does NOT need to wear the same “uniform”.   By this I mean you don’t want to be all matchy-matchy and wear exactly the same clothes like jeans and a white shirt. These are your family photos! Make sure to add in your personality. 2. Along that same thought, although you don’t want to all match, you DO want to coordinate. Think about balance and kept it to 2-3 colors. My trick is to look at the color wheel.  Opposite sides of the color wheel really compliment each other well. 3. Consider where you’ll display your photos and what the colors are in your home. If you have lots of deep rich, warm colors in your living room, stick with deep rich warm colors for your clothes. 4. Consider the location of your session and what the season is like. For example, if you are in a field, you probably don’t want super high heals and a little black dress. 🙂  5. Consider the weather – let’s be real. October in Houston?!  It’s probably still 90 degrees out!  Either that or it’s been raining for days….  Make sure the men wear a couple shirts for layers to hide the dripping sweat.  Heck, girls, if you can pull off some layers, do it!!  Feel free to bring cute little accessories such as scarves, hats, belts and basically anything with a fabulous texture.  Accessories can pull together an outfit and make it look complete.  Plus by switching up accessories and layers, you can get multiple looks without having to do complete outfit changes.  6. Don’t forget about footwear. They often show in family photos so make sure you are OK with what you are wearing. 7. Find something for Mom to wear first!  Make sure you love what you’re wearing and that you are comfortable in it.  If you aren’t it WILL come across in your photos.  Keep in mind that you will go from standing, to sitting to laying down.  So make sure your choice is comfortable for all of these changes. Your confidence will really shine through in your photos!

Here are a few things to avoid when choosing clothing.  Large Logos, Large Text and neon colors.  Also, be aware of any tan lines and how those will look in your chosen outfit

Take a look at my Pinterest Board for some further Fall Color inspiration.  I will be adding to it daily, so make sure to follow it!

***If you have any of my Tree Farm Mini sessions booked, make sure to check out my Tree Farm Pinterest Board here.

I wanted to include a few of my favorite family photos from past years, so you can get some ideas and color palettes.  First up… take a look at the background.  Their outfits are PERFECT for where they are!  Notice the suspenders, little yellow bow tie and mom’s scarf.  These little accessories add so much character to their outfits.  This was also at the end of summer so rolling up their sleeves worked out great.  Also notice they have a nice balance of solids an only a pattern on her scarf.  Patterns are a nice way to break things up and I think often necessary when assembling your ensemble. But I would leave a very “loud” print to only one person.

Check out this sweet family.  Now, I want you to open up the color wheel on your phone while you look at this photo.  Khaki, is a darker shade of yellow-orange.  They have paired that with blue, opposites sides of the color wheel.  She has a red/burgundy top on.  What’s opposite the color wheel? That’s right, green. This was a perfect choice for a green location.   See, opposite sides of the color wheel go VERY well together.

Lets look at another.  OK, could they be any cuter??  I love how she added a jacket.  So easy to take off and add different photos without completely changing your outfit.  Look at how well they all compliment each other.  Their little boy, his shorts goes with mom and his shirts has hints of the same color as dads shirt.  Mom’s lipstick even compliments dads shirt!

Now here’s a family that added more pattern to their outfits.  I want to show you that, that’s OK!  But I also want you to notice that the pattern on dad’s shirt is much more subtle than that on the eldest boy.

I wan’t to start off here by saying that I LOVE ivory, and any type of texture that goes with it.  Also, want to know where she found her dress??  AMAZON! Yep, amazon, and it was like $15.  Ivory and soft colors, ALWAYS look great!!  What more can I say.

Do you remember what I said about ivory and texture??  Here’s another example.  It is just GORGEOUS!  Here is a combination that will look great on Christmas cards!  Her bow was the perfect accessory.  And way up top, at the beginning of this post, I mentioned not to forget about footwear, well this is exactly what I mean.  Those little red shoes….. my goodness, how stinkin’ cute!

I just love the pop of mustard yellow here.  It’s a color that I LOVE but don’t see to many people wear it.  Again, look at the color wheel, these are great example of opposites and how it compliments.

The point is to showcase who you are as a family.  Your clothing, the setting, the style should all reflect that. I’m always happy to help choose outfits, share my favorite shops, and please, send me a pic of your choices all laid out beside each other.  I would love to give you my feedback.


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