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Community over Competition – Cypress, TX Family Photographer

“A candle never loses any of it’s light by lighting another” – Rachel Allene

What does community over competition really mean? Well, it simply means that people and the relationships you have are FAR more important than gaining all of the business and customers you can. This industry, along with many others, can be cut throat but I am so grateful for the friendships I have gained from it. My friend Adrienne with Oak and Ember Photography and Dusk Boudoir and I have exchanged photos a couple of times over the past years. I love being able to get together with other photographers to lift each other up, celebrate each others wins and simply geek out about photography.

If I told you I get SUPER nervous before every single photo session, would you believe me? It’s true!! I am a wreck most days before any session. Well, add an amazing fellow photographer on the other side of the lens, let me tell you, my stomach was in knots from being so nervous! Last fall ( I know, I’m super late getting to these) we got together super last minute, to capture some beautiful moments of her and her family. It was freezing cold and windy, but they rocked it! I’m so glad to see her on this side of the lens for a change.

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