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Just as it heats up, we move inside – The Heights Family Photographer

Houston Weather

Let’s chat for a minute about Houston weather. Now, I don’t at all think of my self as an expert, however, in the almost 6 years now we’ve been living in Houston, I’ve come to realize a few things. My favorite months are April and October. April, in my opinion is the PERFECT temperature to enjoy the outdoors before it gets crazy hot and October is also the same, a break from the heat! Humidity is NO JOKE y’all. Don’t bother straightening your hair if you have any curl to it, learn to rock the natural look because that makeup will just slide off your face, and invest in ALL the dry fit clothing you can, because you just can’t stop the sweat if you’re outside and not in the pool. With that being said, outdoor family sessions are fewer and far between in the summer months.

Inside Options

Option #1: At your house Family sessions are special all year round. I know come October and November everyone is thinking Christmas cards, but those pictures can be taken any time of year, especially if you are indoors! If you’ve been following my blog at all this year, you might have seen my session with Sally Kate Photography. This session was in home, super fun and extra goofy. I know this wasn’t a family session, but it could be! So pick your favorite snack, bake your favorite cookies or even cozy up on the couch! No matter what your session is, I promise you’ll love the moments that we capture.

Option #2: In a Beautiful Studio. There are so many beautiful studios throughout Houston and one of my favorites is Leych Studio located in The Houston Heights area. It is one of the oldest buildings in Houston dating back to 1894! Now that’s just amazing in itself. If you haven’t checked it out, give me a call, I’ll being my camera and we’ll go make some memories!

Option #3: Inside a Restaurant. I have not physically taken photos….yet….in a restaurant, but I’ve seen it done! If you find the right one and maybe even know the owner, these can also be so magical. Just remember to always get permission to shoot there.

When is the last time you had your family photos taken?

Now, this may come to a surprise, but this family has NEVER had family photos taken! Raise your hand if you’re in the same boat! Let’s put a stop to that! Only once a year, let’s capture your moments!!

This sweet family holds a special place in my heart. Ms. Christina is the best Preschool music and imagination station teacher you’ll ever meet. She is kind, she’s sweet, and everything in between. All the kids and parents for that matter just adore her. She taught my son in Preschool and now my daughter, we couldn’t be more lucky. I’m so excited for her to welcome her 2nd baby boy this coming August and I’m so glad to have been able to take photos of her beautiful family.

Family of 3, Studio Session
Studio session, mommy and daddy and me shots.
light and airy Studio session
Studio session family of 3
Studio session baby on the way

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