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Birthday Sessions Are The Best! – Tomball, TX Photographer

It’s time to play catch up!

I don’t know about you, but I love taking pictures of my kids every year for their birthday. It’s such a fun way to make sure you capture them, just the way they are, in that very moment. We all change so much throughout the year, but our kids? They change SO much! Their hair gets longer, their face gets more mature, those little bellies that stick out go away, little chubby fingers get longer….the list goes on. I’m not one to really get emotional about my kids growing up….well OK, I do, haha. But I do go crazy with pictures. I want to be able to remember all those little details, and with that being said I want you to be able to as well!

Houston Rain

I have never in my life seen rain come down so fast until we moved to Houston almost 7 years ago. I remember saying when we first moved here that the clouds looked different, more fluffy and much closer to you. The thunderstorms were SO much louder than what I was used to. With all of that rain, lakes, rivers, creeks and bayous overflow VERY quickly. This girls birthday session was on a Saturday, it rained on a Tuesday. The creek that we were supposed to shoot in, it was FLOODED!! I pulled into the location about 45 minutes prior to our start time to check things out. (I’m a crazy planner) But when I saw all of that water, my heart stopped. I was so upset with myself and so embarrassed with the phone call I was about to make to these sweet clients. As a photographer, we all make mistakes, and believe me LESSON LEARNED! Of course, my clients were already on their way, and they were so sweet about what had happened. We found a nice dry spot to take a few photos and I promised her another session day once the creek went down.

Watching them grow every year

I have to say, I love what I do! Seeing my clients year after year and watching their kids and families grow is just amazing. Of course because they don’t see me to often, sometimes it takes a while to warm up to me and my big ‘ol camera. With her, it sure didn’t take long!

Everything happens for a reason

With the creek being flooded we ended up having to wait almost 2 weeks to try this again. I’m a true believer that everything happens for a reason, and for this case it was just that. Seeing her again in only a couple weeks, there was no shy time. She was ready to roll, or maybe just liked the idea of rain boots, hunting for treasures and gummy worms? My sessions are all about capturing moments rather than stiff poses. I love seeing the world through these kids eyes and seeing just how special the little things are to them.

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