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The hottest day of the summer – Cypress Family Photographer

When I say it was the hottest day of the summer, I mean it! The day we had scheduled for this gorgeous family, during the day with the heat index, it was 112 degrees F or something crazy like that. I was so close to rescheduling just for safety reasons. As I kept a close eye on temps, golden hour and deep in the shade, it was going to be perfect. Don’t get me wrong, it was still hot, but these guys did great!

Lets talk outfits! I never tell my clients what to wear, but I do help guide them. First, you always want to be able to stand out from your background. Next, I always tell mom to find her outfit first then the rest will fall right into place. Next, take a look at the color wheel. Opposite sides compliment each other very well. Accessories make for great variety in your gallery. In this case mama brought along a hat! Not only did she rock it, but it made for some fun shots too!

I’m a sucker for variety and this location has just that! Since this was my first time meeting this family, I knew it might take a few minutes for the little ones to warm up to me. Locations like this where we can walk and explore and PERFECT for young kids. By the end of our session, I even had the little guy takes some photos of me! Hey, whatever works right? He was so excited to use my fun little camera, and he sure took his job seriously. My biggest, not so secret, secret to making a photo session run smoothly with young kids? PLAY! Bring on the fun. As soon as you do that, magic happens.

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