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Rise and Shine – Katy, TX Photographer

Watching the sun rise

Watching the sunrise is just as magical as watching it set. When my kids were really little, and still to this day, they are up before 7 am and in their best mood of the day. I was so excited about this rise and shine session because it was perfect for this family who’s schedule pretty much follows mine. I knew the kids would be up and in their best moods, and boy that was just the case. My absolute favorite thing about what I do is watching families grow and getting to know these families. As the kids get older, they remember me and they become more and more comfortable every time. That’s when their personality shines!!


Next year, my goal will be to find some really awesome locations. Ones that people wouldn’t think, or maybe ones that don’t look so pretty from the outside. I try and instill in my kids, that beauty comes from within, so I’m going to have that same out look on locations. This one has so much history. It sure is the heart of Old Town Katy, TX. Back in May of this year I took my kids, my mom who was visiting from Canada and my tripod here to capture some pictures. Check it out here, and also read my 5 tips on taking pictures of your own kids. I absolutely love “different” and the old feels about this location. Even though there wasn’t much here, the kids sure loved exploring about it! Want to see what these silos were used for? Check out this little write up here.

Word of mouth is the best advertising

“Slow and steady wins the race” right? My husband bought me my first big DSLR camera the Christmas before my son was born. Like many of us, that’s where it all begins. I knew I loved taking pictures but I never knew how much I’d fall in love with the families I began to see year after year. My business at first was an outlet for me to occupy my time. Moving to Houston when my son was just barely out of newborn diapers, was the scariest, hardest thing we’ve done. Being the introvert I am, it forced me to jump out of my shell. I never really knew where I wanted my business to be in 5 or 10 years, but I’ve never been one to not give 100%. Most of all, I wanted to be real and true to myself, and my work! I’ve never done much for marketing and I’m actually quite ashamed of this. I wish I knew more about it to be honest. My whole business is built from word of mouth. I want people to come to me because they have seen my work and love it! This sweet family has been number 1 for referrals. I can’t thank them or any of you enough! Thank you!

Beautiful girl shot from above.

Family of 4 exploring around the Katy Rice Silos

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