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Are “Mini Sessions” right for you? – Houston Family Photographer

Mini Sessions vs. Regular Sessions

A mini session is a very short session lasting anywhere from 10-30 minutes in most cases. They contain a lower number of photos and are most of the time lower in price. A regular session can last anywhere from an hour or more if you wanted it to. They usually have multiple shooting areas and up to 100 photos in your gallery to choose from. Now to make a choice, which one is best for you and your family?

Mini Sessions

I don’t normally hold “mini sessions” My Tree Farm mini Sessions and Christmas Magic for all my VIP’s are about it. Now don’t get me wrong, I ADORE mini sessions around the holidays as they are just a perfect way to get you into the holiday spirit and get your holiday cards sent out. However, you have to ask yourself if these are right for you, but more importantly for your kids. Mini sessions are short and sweet, therefore we need to get our shots in VERY quick. If you know that you have a child that takes a little longer to warm up, or is shy, you might need a little more time than a mini session. Trying to force the issue right off the bat will lead to tears for your kiddos and very frustrated parents.

Regular Sessions

My regular sessions last anywhere from 45 minutes to an hour in most cases. You’re probably thinking to yourself, “my kids will NEVER sit for that long”. You’re exactly right, I wouldn’t want to either, haha. My sessions are all about fun and capturing moments rather than poses. We will get some formal poses right off the bat then we quickly move to a more relaxed, fun part of the session. My favorite locations are the ones with tons of variety. For the younger kids, I love to find places where they can explore and be in their own element having fun. For older families, I love locations with tons of textures and different colors.

Here is a perfect example of a little guy who needed a little more time.

Family photo session where little boy was not happy.

When we first started, he wanted NOTHING to do with me but that’s the special part of the story. With parents whom didn’t let it frustrate them and an awesome big brother who knew just how to get him to laugh, it didn’t take long for me to see everyone’s personalities.

Family Photos with some individuals of the kiddos.

Making our way to a different part of our location.

Some of the time during my sessions, we stop and play to give everyone a break and also some laughs. They may not be photos you would hang on your wall but they would go perfectly into a photo book. If this case, I had Dad start a telephone game and you’ll see by the time it ended, we had great belly laughs.

Telephone game

These guys sure have a strong bond and it shines right through!

Just the boys

Houston Skyline

Astro Fans

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