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Meet MaryAnn…She is Beauty Revived…Amanda Lynn Photography…Cypress, Texas child photographer

Beauty Revived is a site and print publication where photographers give back
and challenge the world’s definition of beauty.  One session at a time they tell the stories of what beauty really means.  These sessions are about showcasing strength, courage, and beauty within.  This world we live in spends so much time focusing on those with perfect skin, ideal weight and perfect shiny hair. Beauty Revived is a non-profit organization that focuses on REAL beauty. Photographers from across the country get the opportunity to donate photography sessions to showcase just this.

I received an email back in May.  It stated that I was 1 of 50 photographers from across the country to join in and use my lens for good!  I am so honored and excited to be apart of this incredible campaign.  Once I started my campaign, I had no idea how many nominations I would receive, or even what they would be about.

When I read the submission for MaryAnn, I knew she was exactly who I wanted to photograph. She is an amazing little girl who is not afraid to be herself.  She is passionate about her opinions, she is courageous by standing out in the crowd, and she is a vegetarian because of the love she has for animals.  I feel the people who have made the most difference in the world have been the ones who have dared to be different.  MaryAnn is already, at such a young age making a difference.

When I met MaryAnn, I asked her to describe what “Beauty” means to her.  She responded, “wild and myself”. The day of her session came, and of course the skies opened up.  Houston weather is so unpredictable!  As we pulled into the parking lot, her mom looked at me, almost with excitement.  She explained to me how this couldn’t be more perfect, and how MaryAnn and her sister LOVED running and playing in the rain.  So, that’s what we did.  We wiggled and danced, we played on the swings and we even sat and watched the turtles.  MaryAnn was so worried the turtles were getting rained on, she even offered to hold her umbrella over them.  What a sweet girl!

I asked MaryAnn’s mom Annie to write a letter about MaryAnn.  It couldn’t have been more perfect.  You can read that letter here 

Thank you to Veronica Sleight for coming to our hair and make up rescue.  And a huge shout out to who donated a glam session to MaryAnn and a friend.

Keep a look out on to purchase this years issue of 50 Beautiful Children.


“Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don’t matter and those who matter don’t mind” – Dr. Seuss



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