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Somewhere different for this year’s family photos – Houston Family Photographer

Are you looking for a FUN Houston Family photographer? You have come to the right place and I’m so glad you’re here! The Houston Clock Tower is the perfect location if you are looking for something different. It is also perfect for when we are still dealing with this Texas heat, or this never ending rain, and now the even crazier humidity.

The Houston Clock Tower

This is by far one of my favorite indoor locations yet! First stop is the classic, white walled room with TONS of natural light. It has concrete stairs leading up to the tower itself which is also a favorite for photos. Once you head up to the clock tower you will be greeted with weights, wires and the coolest platform! You will not be disappointed with the backdrops in you photos.

Full Family Session or Mini Session?

This is one of the most frequently asked questions I get when clients contact me to book their photo session.

Mini Sessions usually last anywhere from 15-25 minutes. They have set locations, set dates and a set package. Mini Sessions are lower in cost, but this also means you will have a lower number of photos in your gallery to choose from. Mini Sessions are great for returning clients with kiddos that are already comfortable with me and my camera. A lot of times, kids that don’t know me, they need a little bit more time to warm up and let their personalities shine. This is where a full family session can be best for your family.

Full family sessions last anywhere from 45 min to an hour and a half (depending on your family) If you have kids that need time to warm up, this is for you. Together we choose the date and location for suits you best. From there we find the perfect outfits (yes I will be there to help you through it all). Once our session date is here, we will walk around finding great places to stop along the way. The kids will never get bored with the games we play to make those real belly laughs come out.

Are you ready?

Are you ready to book a photo session? Whichever one you choose, whether it be a mini session or a full session, we will create beautiful memories for you and your family. Click HERE to contact me. Let’s chat about which session would be right for you!

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