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Those who don’t jump will never fly – Product Photography – Amanda Lynn Photography

I’ve gone back and forth whether to blog about this or not. Why? Well it’s not exactly “my” brand. If you follow me, then you probably know that Children and young family are my jam, and I will never stop shooting that. However, just like the title of this blog, Those who don’t jump will never fly! You have to try new things to grow, and you have to step out of what is your norm to get better!

This could not have been a better start to the year for me. A good friend of mine introduced me to her long time friend Amy. Amy is very well known for her career as a new home sales consultant across the Houston area. She is one of the sweetest people I have ever met! Amy just launched her very own handbag line named after herself, Amy Faircloth Designs! Y’all these bags are AH-MAZING!!! She asked me to take product photos for her line and of course I had to say, YES! Absolutely YES! Amy Strives for excellent customer service and a luxury product at a fair price. All of these bags are also made, right here in the United States. You NEED to jump on over to here site and order yours TODAY!

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