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With Locations, you just can’t judge a book by it’s cover – Amanda Lynn Photography

To some, this location may not look the best at first glance, but when you get in and dig a little deeper, it’s beautiful!

The Location:

When I search for locations, I look for MANY different things. I LOVE textures and colors and maybe a little rough around the edges. For me it’s about the FUN that comes in more relaxed settings. Like all of my family sessions, we adventured. We found amazing stairs, bright, fun colored walls, a small piece of grass and even some interesting convenience stores!

The Outifts:

This is ME y’all! If you know me, I’m either in leggings, yoga pants or if I’m lucky jeans…..sometimes. I love a comfy t-shirt and comfy shoes. I tried the whole fancy attire, and to be honest it’s just not me. When Mary (mom) came to me with the question, what should we wear? I was so excited to say, jeans and comfy t-shirt and comfy shoes! Of course I had the colors in mind from scouting out this location before hand, so it worked out perfect!

The Session:

With young kids, you really can’t predict how they are going to be, so like I’ve said in the past, you just have to roll with it. The oldest was just coming off of the the flu (like everyone in the Houston area) so mom warned me she wasn’t in the best of moods. With adventure, kids never have a frown! We had so much fun being goofy, climbing stairs and swinging in the streets!!

Are you ready to book your session? Every single session, all of the details are decided between us! If you want grass, we can do grass, if you want downtown? Let’s go!!

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